Public Hearing on the Budget (2018)

The committee had a “pre-meeting” at 6PM for about ten minutes, then suspended until 6:30 for the public meeting. Discussion of the operating budget begins at 10:37 in the video. Discussion of budgetary warrant articles begins at 57:10.

“Moultonborough Taliban”

Tuftonboro selectman Chip Albee, a registered Democrat, referred to the “Moultonborough Taliban” when speaking about Republicans in neighboring Moultonborough. Albee alleged that Democrats had been forbidden from campaigning at the Moultonborough transfer station while Republicans had been allowed to, because “the Moultonborough Taliban was working its way.” Such viewpoint discrimination would be clearly illegal and unconstitutional. However, it’s not quite on the same level as the Taliban throwing acid in little girls’ faces, cutting off people’s heads, and carrying out suicide attacks.

I have asked Moultonboro Speaks blogger, Paul Punturieri, himself a Democrat, if he knows if Moultonborough Democrats were prevented from campaigning at the Moultonborough transfer station while Republicans were allowed to. I am a Republican, but if this happened then it’s appalling. Describing political opponents as the Taliban is also appalling.

Asha Kenney

Paul told me that it’s been longstanding town policy in Moultonborough not to allow campaigning on town property. He also said that he remembered an incident in 2010 when Chip was running for re-election as Carroll County Commissioner, and being challenged by Republican Asha Kenney. Paul said that Kenney had gone to the Moultonborough transfer station one Saturday to campaign, which prompted numerous complaints to the Moultonborough board of selectmen from residents. The board either informed Kenny of the no-campaigning policy or reminded her of it (it’s not clear to me whether she knew before she went), and she didn’t return. Kenney defeated Chip in the election and served one term as commissioner.

Selectmen and Road Agent Meet to Discuss Highway Budget Deficit

0:00:00 Pledge
0:00:25 Parks Rec
0:15:42 Lloyd “program budgets”
0:21:45 Jim Bean / Roads
budget review

0:42:30 seasonal expenditures
2016: Fall maintenance $28,309.50
0:47:25 Chip: take extraordinary events (weather) out of road budget. It makes it impossible to budget.
1:00:00 Lloyd: office space for road agent?
1:12:00 Trucks

Selectmen’s Meeting July 10, 2017

0:00:00 call to order / pledge
0:00:30 Public comment (no comment)
0:01:01 Library
Summer reading program
Library will need new computers in 2018
0:17:46 Buildings/Code/Health
0:21:30 Transfer Station
As of end of June:
$42,500 total revenue ($32k 2016)
45 solid waste containers (42 in 2016)
51 construction debris containers (49 in 2016)
13 plastic containers (same in 2016)
Buildings at transfer station repainted
Hazardous waste collection: July 29 in Meredith, August 5 in Ossipee (just need Tuftonboro transfer station sticker on car)
You can also go to Wolfeboro but you have to pay
0:46:45 APPOINTMENT: Sue Weeks
In regards to the CEMETERY HEARING on July 24 on Thompson-Moulton Cemetery, Cemetery Trustees would like the Moulton part of the cemetery to remained “abandoned” (legal term).
0:57:00 Road Agent (Continue DEPARTMENT UPDATES)
1:40:00 Bill did research on RSA 31-95 Public hearing to accept donations in excess of $10,000 (cash or value of gift)
1:43:10 Public Comment
1:54:30 Non-public for legal

Selectmen’s Meeting July 3, 2017

0:00:28 Call to Order
0:00:50 Pledge
Max Ledoux — Durgin Road paved. Cars speeding. Spoke to Chief Shagoury about radar trailer
Road Agent didn’t come for appointment
0:06:15 Lot 413-1-16 owes yield tax
Re-appointment of Michael Phelps to conservation commission
Mark Howard
0:08:35 Lloyd “we can go into non-public any time we’re in a legal meeting.”
0:09:00 Letter to county commissioners about county taxes
0:10:30 Lot 65-3-2 yield tax owed, owner has filed intent to cut.
Hurlbut Trust
0:15:47 Oil / Diesel
Carroll County Oil prices: oil $1.799, diesel $0.15 over cost
price locked in for one year
0:19:25 Application for state aid for bridges — Sodom Road & Tuftonboro Neck Road
0:24:20 Lloyd says HEB was involved in several road projects in town in the past that have had issues, including overruns. Lloyd not sure HEB at fault, but wonders about putting out projects to bid. Chip says we’ll have to put out to bid and also points out that HEB didn’t select the company on one of the projects that ended up going bankrupt. Bill points out that HEB brought to the attention of the selectmen that Tuftonboro wasn’t on the state list of bridges to be repaired.
Bill: Milfoil
0:32:10 Lloyd: Mirror Lake Protective Association, Mirror Lake Watershed Association, note to Chief Shagoury (No Parking ordinance at Union Wharf), letter from Carol Miller re TimeWarner/Spectrum transfer station
0:37:40 Discussion of Road Agent budget. Selectmen want to meet with Jim regularly (every two weeks) so that meetings don’t last two hours.

0:39:03 Video stopped by accident (off camera began discussion of cleaning up 19 Mile Bay beach.)

0:39:04 Trash at 19 Mile Beach
Suggestion to install motion-activated surveillance camera.
0:45:20 Selectmen to attend Ragged Island Day event (free donuts and coffee!)
Elissa Paquette: Federal election fraud commission seeking public information about voting from states.
0:48:12 Max: Clarify cost of Diesel (will fluctuate over the year)
0:48:50 Elissa: follow up on bridges
0:52:20 motion to go to non-public session to discuss personnel matters

Richard Sager Charges $20 for Paralegal to Watch YouTube Video

Richard Sager, attorney
Richard Sager
Photo credit:

Richard Sager of Sager & Smith, PLLC (previously of Sager & Haskell, PLLC), in Ossipee, NH, charged the taxpayers of Tuftonboro $20 for his paralegal, Heather Wrigley, to watch a 12 minute YouTube video posted by yours truly.

The $20 YouTube-watching charge appears on Sager & Smith’s April, 2017, invoice to the town for charges related to the Tuftonboro vs. McWhirter & Ledoux case.

The selectmen sued Bob McWhirter and me in an attempt to avoid their duty under the law to make governmental records available for inspection at no charge. As Sager admitted in court earlier this month, RSA 91-A states that “no fee shall be charged for the inspection” of governmental records.

Taxpayers have spent $12,405.59 on Sager’s legal services, specifically related to this case, from November 2016, to May 15, 2017, according to a review of Sager’s invoices, which are public documents (i.e., governmental records) and were provided to Betsy Frago and me by the selectmen after we made Right to Know requests to inspect them. Contradictorily, the town did not attempt to charge us to inspect the invoices, even though the selectmen are suing Bob and me in order to try to get the Court to rewrite the law in order to allow them to charge us a fee to inspect governmental records.

The invoice notes a $20 charge for “.20” hours (12 minutes) billed at Wrigley’s $60 per hour paralegal fee for “Save defendant’s latest video to our file” on April 24, 2017.

The “latest video” at that time was this 12-minute, 28-second video that I posted on April 3:

I suppose we should be grateful that Sager did not round up the fee from 2/10 to 3/10 of an hour and bill us an additional $10 for that 28 seconds!

The hearing in this case was on June 12, 2017, in Carroll County Superior Court with Judge Ignatius presiding and can be viewed in its entirety here:

We have not yet received a decision from the court.