Planning Board: Zoning Amendments, Steve Hunter’s Self-Storage Facility

Timestamps available:
0:00:00 Call to Order
0:00:05 Review of Minutes
0:01:06 Master Plan/LRPC
0:01:45 Emery Farm Estates Subdivision Conditional Approval Extension Request, TM #46-2-9
0:04:15 Approved
0:05:20 Planning Board Rules of Procedure, Mission Statement & Policy Statement
0:07:58 Proposed 2018 Zoning Amendments (Public Hearing 2/1/18)
0:20:55 Upcoming Planning Board Schedule
0:21:07 Steve Hunter Driveway Permit Amendment; Status Update
Occupancy changed from “vacant lot” to “self-storage facility”
0:23:00 Matt Young asks if the project will be done by spring. Steve says, no it’s a two year project. Steve asks, if he wants to change the berm, does he need to come back for approval — He may want to do a fence instead. Matt says that would be a substantial change.
0:23:35 Public Comment
Dave Jeffres / LRPC
0:24:20 Motion to Adjourn


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  1. I have a simple suggestion to improve your website. When you are unable to film a meeting, such as the January 12th Selectman’s Work Session, you should reference the meeting on your website and note you were unable to attend/film. This enables your website visitors to easily know that there was a meeting that was not covered.

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