3 thoughts on “Selectmen’s Meeting Minutes 04/02/2018”

  1. Max: We often disagree. However, I couldn’t agree with you more regarding your comments/advice to the Selectman regarding posting a single YouTube video for each meeting. Having meetings broken up into separate videos is a royal pain in the ass that serves no good purpose. Joe’s comment about the segmentation of the videos making it easier for viewers to only watch the parts of a meeting they want makes no sense. Yes. Often times viewers want to skim a meeting and only watch certain portions. But how does segmenting videos make this easier when you are forced to move between multiple videos? Hint: it doesn’t. Lastly, I got to the end of video 4 on the April 2nd meeting and it stoped before the conclusion of the meeting. Will there be fifth video tomorrow with the last portion of the meeting? I hope so. Finally, Albee’s comment about people consuming the information on the public access channel is also uninformed. What about folks who are traveling? What about folks who want to view on their computers? What about all the tax payers who are summer residents that want to watch from their winter locations? Chip needs to get out of 1991 technology and into 2018.

    1. Thanks, Mike.

      Would you please email the selectmen and tell them directly about the videos? I think that might help.


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