5 thoughts on “Selectmen’s Meeting 04-02-2018”

  1. I thought Linda Murray was respectful however it appears Dave Ford has some issues with Chip. Not a good situation for either town, hope they can work it out.

  2. My take is Chip didn’t understand the science and he was simply grandstanding for his base. He also took the time to slam the prior selectman again without fully understanding the details. He seems to think he is the the only guy who can solve problems in Tuftonboro. When is his term up?

  3. I just don’t understand why Wolfeboro would be able to take by eminent domain land that is located in Tuftonboro.

  4. I think if they can prove this property is their only alternative to their waste disposal issue then it is allowed. I also think it is their most convenient option which IMO is why they are pursuing it. I am glad Chip is asking tough questions, the other two just sit there with a blank stare. Dave Ford was not very professional at the 4/2 meeting with our selectmen, some bad blood between he and Chip?

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