Fire Department and Transfer Station Reports for September

At Monday’s selectmen’s meeting several department heads gave their monthly reports to the board. Attached are the fire department and transfer station reports.

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fire department 2017-9

transfer station 2017-9

Selectmen’s Meeting August 7, 2017

0:00:00 Call to order / Pledge
0:00:45 PUBLIC
Chris Sawyer: Federal Corner Road
Max Ledoux: RTK 91-A
0:10:10 Chief Adam Thompson (Fire Department)
Ambulance payment processor agreement
0:28:20 Adam refers to accusations that he misled people at Town Meeting
0:42:54 Town Meeting 1994 authorized FD to go outside town lines to assist other towns or states. RSA 167
0:44:12 Adam doesn’t want to bill other towns for the airboat.
0:47:40 Chip: If you send the ambulance and do the work, then do the transport so we can get the billing
0:53:00 Electricity contract
0:55:20 SELECTMEN’S UPDATES (none)
0:56:15 Which line in budget to expend money for GIllum Excavation to clean Dore property
0:57:00 Trustees of the Trust Funds letter: Library Capital Reserve Fund is specifically for a new building so can not be used for anything to do with the current building
1:01:45 Lloyd: No action we can take other than pass on the memo to the Library Trustees
1:02:10 Chip: Well, I think we need to rescind our previous vote to pay the bill.
Chip makes a motion
Bill: But we made commitment to pay the bill. It turns out we can use the capital reserve funds, but we can’t just say “oh, never mind.”
1:05:30 Lloyd lists options
1:07:00 motion passes to reverse previous vote to authorize payment.
Selectmen will invite Library Trustees
1:09:00 Chip to clarify about minutes: you can add things, only correct
1:09:20 Resignation letters from planning board members
1:10:50 subdividing old cemetery
Max Ledoux, asking for Kathy Sutherland: Why are you paying to clean the Dore property?
1:14:55 Adjournment

Fire Department Responds Quickly to Brush Fire on Ledge Hill Road

Last Friday the property owner of the clear cut lot on Ledge Hill Road was burning brush piles while it was raining and there was a snow cover. Three days later, the snow cover is gone and it’s a clear day. However, several of the piles were still smoldering when I drove by around Noon on Monday, and there was a lot of smoke billowing up from the lot. I saw that there was no one on the property monitoring the fires so I decided to stop and take a look. It turns out that the old saying “where there’s smoke there’s fire” has some merit: one of the brush piles had open flames.

I called the fire department and spoke to Chief Adam Thompson. (By the way, if you don’t have the FD phone number saved in your phone already, here it is: 603-569-3381.) Captain Caleb Pike responded quickly and thoroughly doused the flames (see video). Caleb also let me know that Adam had contacted the property owner.

The fire was small, but given the wind and the lack of snow cover combined with the brush scattered throughout the lot, it could have gotten larger.

Thompson Reports New Ambulance in Service

Fire Chief Adam Thompson reported to the board of selectmen that the new ambulance, which is leased after being approved at Town Meeting this year, has entered service. Thompson confirmed that the new ambulance will go out on every single call even if Stewart’s Ambulance Service is on scene. Tuftonboro has a contract with Stewart’s to provide emergency coverage.

The new ambulance will be on scene as backup but will not transport patients unless a Stewart’s ambulance is unable to transport. The fire department is filling out paperwork in order to be able to charge Medicare for transportation costs (for patients with Medicare).