Zoning Board Denies Special Exception for Self-Storage Facility

In a 4-1 vote, the Zoning Board of Adjustment denied Paul Zimmerman’s application for a special exception to the zoning ordinance. The board determined that Zimmerman, through his agent Jeff Lewis, failed to prove that the project would not change the essential nature of the neighborhood.

The board was unswayed by a new plan presented by Lewis to build half as many units as Zimmerman had originally proposed. Several residents pointed out that there would be nothing stopping Zimmerman or any future owner from adding more units at a later date.

Several residents spoke against the proposed project, while Steve Hunter spoke in favor of the project. Hunter is the current owner of the property and was hoping to sell it to Zimmerman.

Mark Howard, the chairman, was the lone dissenting vote. Alicia Gettman, Tom Swift, Tom Wood, and Bob Theve all voted against the special exception. Wood stated he thought the self-storage facility would change the “rural, residential nature of the neighborhood.” Theve said the project would be “incompatible with the town’s master plan,” citing the “overall future” negative changes to the neighborhood that would occur. Swift said the facility would be “out of character with the nature of the road.”

Zimmerman has until November 4, 2016 to file an appeal if he wishes to do so.

(The Zoning Board members are pictured left to right: Tom Wood, Alicia Gettman, Mark Howard, Bob Theve, Tom Swift. Jackie Rollins, the board’s secretary, is seated with her back to the camera.)

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