Tuftonboroo Has 83% Turnout at Polls

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Yesterday’s election saw a high turnout in Tuftonboro with 84% of registered voters coming to the polls to cast 1,705 ballots. Going into the day there were 1,958 registered Tuftonboro voters, including 60 new voters who had registered since the primary on September 13. By the end of the day yesterday, the supervisors of the checklist had registered an additional 89 voters through same-day registration, for a total of 2,047 registered voters.

Town Moderator Dan Barnard explained in an email this morning:

The votes were counted by nine teams of two and tally sheets were used to reconcile the votes cast.¬†…[T]he final counts were completed around 12:30 a.m. The paperwork required by the State was filled out and sent to Concord; the ballots were sealed per State requirements. The signatures of all three selectmen as well as the Moderator and Town Clerk are required on that paperwork so that took us to 1:15 a.m. Heather and I cleaned up and left the Town House at 1:45 a.m. Heather then went back to her office and notified all the news outlets of the results.

A special thanks to Dan, Town Clerk Heather Cubeddu, the supervisors of the checklist (Anne Hunt*, Marianne Marcussen, and Chris Ruel), and the selectmen (Carolyn Sundquist, Bill Marcussen, and Lloyd Wood) for running a smooth and successful election day. There were also a number of volunteers who helped out through the day, and although I don’t know their names they also deserve our thanks.

*Anne unexpectedly was not able to work the polls yesterday, so former supervisor Betsy Thornton filled in for her. Thank you, Betsy. Anne still deserves plaudits for her work on primary day and leading up to the general election.

P0st updated to reflect 89 new same-day registrations, not 83. While this is a phenomenal achievement, it did lower our turnout from the 84% previously reported to 83%.

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