Selectmen Meet with Rick Sager about Auctioning of Town Property

Rick Sager is the town of Tuftonboro’s attorney. The board of selectmen (Chair Carolyn Sundquist, Lloyd Wood, and Bill Marcussen) met with him on June 6, 2016, to discuss whether to also use his services as an auctioneer to sell properties that the town owns due tax deeding (i.e. the previous owners failed to pay property taxes). During public comment afterward, Bob McWhirter asked if the selectmen thought it might be a conflict of interest for Rick Sager to both be the attorney for┬áthe town as well as the auctioneer who then sells the properties. Carolyn Sundquist said that no, it is not a conflict of interest.

[Post updated: See Bob McWhirter’s comment below.]

Max Ledoux

Author: Max Ledoux

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3 thoughts on “Selectmen Meet with Rick Sager about Auctioning of Town Property”

  1. Max…..I did have a conversation with Rick. He says he can’t recall an instance where he had advised the town about taking a particular property. He was very open to the discussion but still does not feel there is a conflict. I still am not comfortable with the situation, but I do appreciate Rick taking the time to chat.

  2. Sure it has to be a conflict of interest. The correct answer would be we don’t think the properties involved present a large enough conflict. Or we don’t care if there is a conflict this is the guy we want to use and we can do what we want. I don’t have a problem with them using him. I do have a problem with their answer. No body cares these are the reps. the town has chosen this is the way things work.

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