Budget Information (2018)

The selectmen proposed an operating budget of $3,742,305.24. The budget committee proposed $3,742,055.24. The budget committee’s proposed budget is what will be voted on at Town Meeting on March 14, at 7:30PM.

The following documents may help you assess the proposed budget:

In addition, you may find the Planning Board’s Master Survey quite useful. The survey was sent to 2,133 households, and 1,076 were returned. The results are here: Master Plan Survey.

Here are a few charts from the survey:

Max Ledoux

Author: Max Ledoux

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5 thoughts on “Budget Information (2018)”

  1. Interesting that a total of 79% think the library is excellent to adequate and only 7% think it is inadequate. Why are we looking to expand this facility?

  2. Rick, we must remember that this surveymwas sent out to property taxpayers. Many are unable to vote as theymare non-residents. When 180 or so voters approve this Library article at Town meeting, it is clearly a want, not a need. The opinions of their neighboring taxpayers are not considered.

  3. I am fairly optimistic that this library expansion will fall a little short just like the past proposals for a completely new library did.

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