Paul Matlock: Library Addition “Not So Much for Books as Room for People”

Paul Matlock, library trustee, commented on my post, Of Books and Libraries, and I would like more people to read it so I’m reprinting his comment here. I believe putting more information in the public space is always the best course, even if it leads people to draw different conclusions than I do about the issues at hand.


You could have saved a lot of money if you had gotten the books you are reading from the library.

While it may be true that the average library function has twelve people, those numbers do not reflect the usage by outside groups. For instance, my hiking group uses the meeting room and we have 35-40 people present. Those numbers are not in that average of twelve that you quote. Same with other civic groups. And what about groups like the girl scouts? They have too big of a group and go into Wolfeboro for meetings.
Don’t count on interlibrary loan being available forever. ILL is paid for by federal dollars and Trump has been trying to zero out the funding.

Libraries are a thing of the past? Really? I guess Wolfeboro didn’t get the memo. The space addition we are proposing is not so much for books as room for people (meeting rooms, program space, computer stations).

Paul Matlock, library trustee

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