Election Results March 13, 2018

Board of Selectmen

  • ✅ Lloyd Wood: 295
  • Robert “Bob” McWhirter: 248

Budget Committee

  • ✅ Thomas J. Young: 289
  • ✅ Helen Hartshorn: 278
  • Chris Sawyer: 233
  • Barry Ennis: 196


  • ✅ Daniel F. Barnard: 498

Trustee of the Trust Funds

  • ✅ Dave M. Braun: 466
  • Write-in Votes: 4

Cemetery Trustee

  • ✅ Susan H. Weeks: 412
  • Write-in Votes: 17

Library Trustee

  • ✅ Gordon Hunt: 461
  • Skip Hurt (Write-In): 28
  • Total Write-ins: 41
  • Fictitious Characters: 2
  • Undervotes: 59

Supervisor of the Checklist

  • ✅ William “Bill” Rollins: 495
  • Write-in Votes: 8
  • Undervotes: 60

 Zoning Change

  • ✅Yes: 410
  • No: 133


These numbers are accurate to the best of my knowledge.

Max Ledoux

Author: Max Ledoux

I've lived in Tuftonboro since 2014. I grew up in Lisbon Falls, Maine (the Moxie capital of the world). I run tuftonboro.net.

One thought on “Election Results March 13, 2018”

  1. Close contests which underscore the polarization in town. I’m optimistic some bridges will be built in 2018. Life is too short for such tension and animosity. The library would have been an extremely tight vote. In retrospect, it probably was a good thing for the pro-library crowd that the question was pulled. It will allow them to re-group and raise more money in 2018 which should allow for a better chance of success in 2019.

    New England announced the departure of Danny Amendola and Malcom Butler this afternoon. Brady is probably not far behind. The end of an era is approaching. Very sad. I think most of us can agree? Rick Saccone is in a dogfight. He isn’t much for libraries either according to Wikipedia.

    Max, thanks for your website. It is a nice resource for the town. I hope you consider crossing some of the bridges I hope to see being built in 2018.

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