Carolyn Sundquist Instructed Administrative Assistant to Forward “Propaganda” to Elissa Paquette

A few days before Town Meeting was to be held this past March 9, 2016, Administrative Assistant Diane Falcey emailed Elissa Paquette of the Granite State News and CC’d Selectman Carolyn Sundquist, writing, “Elissa: I sent you the attached at the request of Selectman Sundquist.” (Emphasis added.)

The attached PDF was titled, “Tuftonboro Propaganda.pdf” and contained scanned images of ads urging residents to vote against the proposed 2016 town operating budget. Also on the scanned page is handwriting that reads, “Selectmen [–] circulating around town by B. McWhirter[.] C. Sarles.” Christie Sarles is the town librarian.

It’s not known whose handwriting this is

However, in an email to me this morning Christie wrote that the handwriting is not hers and she was not the one who titled the PDF “propaganda.” She did verify that the salary figures shown, at least for the library positions, “accurately reflect the decision to implement the Option 1 Pay Grade/Step Assignment proposal for the 2016 budget year.”

The ad showed that as librarian, Christie was to receive a $7,134.40 raise, and the assistant librarian, Dennis Guilmette, an $8,208.20 raise. These figures, as Christie confirmed, are accurate. You can see for yourself in the 2016 town personnel administration spreadsheet. (The fourth column from the left, titled “Year,” represents the amount of increase from 2015 to 2016.)

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