Proposed Operating Budget: $1 Million Increase in Five Years

The proposed 2017 operating budget would appropriate more than $1,000,000 more than the town spent in 2012.

Steve Brinser, the budget committee’s vice chairman, noted that the 2017 operating budget would also increase spending 12% over what was actually expended in 2016 at a time when the Social Security Administration says the rate of inflation is 0.3%.

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2 thoughts on “Proposed Operating Budget: $1 Million Increase in Five Years”

  1. WOW huge jump in such a short time. A little off topic question, is the new library going to be up for consideration again at town meeting this March?

  2. There is a warrant article to put $75,000 into capital reserve fund for the library. The warrant article is worded to read, “all funds to come from the undesignated fund balance and not to be raised by taxation.” However, it’s important to remember that the funds in the undesignated fund are from taxes from previous years. The selectmen and budget committee always over budget, then whatever is not spent each year goes into the undesignated fund. The selectmen then dip into the undesignated fund each year to “reduce” taxes. But if they simply lowered spending, they could really lower taxes.

    As far as I am aware, the library trustees would like there to be a warrant article for a new library next year (2018). Gordon Hunt, who is a library trustee, is running for budget committee this year. Since there are two open slots on the committee and only Hunt and Guy Pike are running, it’s extremely likely that they will both be on the budget committee.

    I think putting away money each year into a capital reserve fund is much preferable than taking out a huge loan. However, I also think we have a very nice library that suits our needs and that we don’t need a new library.

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