Budget Committee Meeting, 10-11-17

Time stamps:

0:00 Call to order / Pledge of Allegiance
0:00:30 Public comment
Max: Please consider coming up with a budget the spends less than last year.
0:01:00 Chairman’s comments
0:02:00 Steve Wingate (Conservation Committee)
Well-water testing
Conservation part of master plan
Asking 14% increase in budget
0:30:40 Guy Pike motion to table all budgets that include salaries until board has reviewed personnel administration
0:31:30 Chip: we’ll be able to review salaries and revote on these budgets
Guy: I withdraw
0:32:30 6-1 budget passes
John would like to spend the same as last year.
3.8% budget increase over last year overall
Step-raise for all employees.
Clay is capped on the step scale. From now on he’ll get COLA raises, but no step raises.
0:52:40 John Libby: table Transfer Station budget until committee decides on COLA
0:53:45 Chip: We haven’t gotten updated health insurance numbers so we can’t do personnel administration yet
1:04:25 Motion to approve Transfer Station $265k
Approved 6-1 Guy voting no because he thinks the personnel administration budget should be approved first.
1:07:20 LEGAL
Chip “perilously close” to overspending this budget at this point.
Lloyd: Utilities lawsuit close to settling
1:09:45 Guy: What about the Steinman lawsuit? Chip: The court hearing was delayed.
1:12:47 Gordon motion to approve LEGAL at $42,000
Passes 5-2 (Guy & John voting no)
1:14:45 Guy Should be $20,000 less. I have no faith in the selectmen’s ability to manage this budget.
1:15:30 DIRECT ASSISTANCE $25,000
1:19:20 Passes 5-2 (Guy & John say no) John: Last year I said $18,000 and we budgeted $30,000, but spent $13,000.
Guy: Nanny state socialism.
1:21:10 OTHER GOVERNMENT ($500)
Passes 7-0
1:23:40 PATRIOTIC PURPOSES ($1,500)
Passes 7-0
1:24:50 GIFTS ($500)
1:27:25 Carla motion to approve at $250. Passes 7-0.
1:28:40 Principle Long-Term Bonds (Fire Station & Ambulance)
Passes 6-1 (Guy votes no because “we don’t need an ambulance”)
1:29:30 Interest Long-Term Bonds (Fire Station & Ambulance)
1:32:45 Guy: I think all members of public should be able to ask questions at any time during the meeting, especially when department heads are here to answer.
1:35:20 APPROVED
Legal opinion: It’s ok for Gordon to vote on Library matters even though he’s a Library Trustee. But John can’t vote on Parks & Rec because his wife works for the department
1:38:10 UPDATES
Helen: CIP update
Chip: Select board working on budgets. Internet connection at the transfer station. Weight scales at transfer station.
1:43:00 Gordon: NHMA budget workshop
1:47:50 Guy: Annual Reporting
1:49:00 Helen: Charts
1:52:00 Carla: NH data at nhpfc.org
1:53:10 Next meeting October 24
1:53:30 Joe: Transfer Station revenue should go into a special fund
1:55:19 Guy Pike: taxes skyrocketing stop the blood letting
1:56:00 Max: Roads / Direct Assistance vs Outside Agencies
1:59:50 Adjournment

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