Budget Committee: February 6, 2018

Timestamps available:

0:00:00 Call to order / Pledge
0:00:50 Buildings/Code Jack Parsons
0:01:30 Warrant Article for New Vehicle for Jack $29,000 Old truck needs $3,600 in repair, plus has rust that may require more.
0:03:50 Motion to reconsider warrant article Board previously approved a higher number
0:05:00 6-1 to approved $29,000
0:05:35 Budget review 4240 (buildings/code)
All in favor 7-0
0:07:50 Reconsider Warrant Article for paving Selectmen raised the amount by $25,000 for a survey of the roads in order to get a schedule for paving Budget Committee recommends 7-0
0:12:00 Reconsider Warrant Article for Fire Engine $580,000
0:31:20 6-1 to recommend the article
0:32:20 Guy: Fire Chiefs have personal liability, so chiefs will always be cautious and advocate for newer equipment, and I thank Adam for his diligence
0:33:10 Warrant Article: $89,318 to pay a third installment for the Ambulance and Rescue truck. Article required because there’s an escape clause Passes 6-1
0:35:40 Reconsider Library addition warrant Guy: Pledges are not money in hand. 6-1 passes
0:38:09 Budget revisit, Other Highways and Streets Raise by $6,500 to $13,000 Passes 7-0
0:42:10 Reconsider Cemetery Budget Passes 7-0 (increase to purchase a fire proof file cabinet)
0:45:02 Reconsider Solid Waste Disposal
0:48:30 Transfer Station avoided costs
1:01:35 Reconsider Long Term Notes and Bonds Ambulance / Rescue Truck moved to warrant article
1:04:10 Reconsider Long Term Interest
1:05:00 Carla points out John was absent on October 25.
1:07:56 Carla queries Guy
1:10:30 Selectmen pulled warrant article for health insurance capital reserve 1:11:20 Bob Theve, Warrant Article Re: study for Police facility
1:14:30 FINAL BUDGET Review Estimated revenue
1:21:22 CORRESPONDENCE Carla: There was an email “from a resident.”
1:22:50 REVIEW GRAPHS Final Operating Budget approved by Selectmen: $3,742,055
1:24:50 Helen: I don’t think we should give the public the 5-year budget history.
1:26:45 Chip: More information is always better as far as I’m concerned
1:27:10 John: what’s your concern?
1:40:30 motion to include 4-year actual spent and 2018 budget graph in town report 5-1-1 passes
1:43:40 Selectmen’s update
1:47:46 Final Operating Budget approved by Budget Committee: $3,742,055.24. Passes 5-1-1
1:50:10 Next meeting date: Public Hearing 6:00PM on February 13th with snow date February 16th.
Max: Confirm final operating budget number, and comment on charts and graphs
Guy: Committees should see the master plan survey.

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