Selectmen’s Meeting for April 24, 2017

Selectmen meeting 4/24/17
0:00 Call to order/Pledge of allegiance
1:00 update from FD chief Thompson
4:00 Chip questioned reason for getting new truck. “Just saying ‘I want a new truck doesn’t do it for me.’ ”
Discussion about selling the old vehicle
9:30 Chief reports other towns are looking into purchasing their own airboats
18:00 video of emergency management debriefing is available:

18:50 Update from PD Chief Shagoury
19:30 Shagoury “shocked” at the number of pistol licenses YTD
20:20 statistics explained
22:00 new police vehicle
23:50 $17,000 for police custom fitting
24:10 Around $51,000 total
27:40 Drug take back 10-2 this coming Saturday at the transfer station (if PD gets special waiver from Attorney General’s office)
30:30 Betsy Frago

37:11 Steinmans

1:54:15 End of Steinman discussion
1:55:40 REVIEW and approval of minutes
2:05:00 contract with swim instructor
2:09:50 Chip: I don’t like employment contracts.
2:11:40 Steve Brinser appointed to Planning Board
2:14:10 Chip: Police building capital reserve fund balance is $465k
2:18:00 Bill: move public input to beginning?
They decided to move input to beginning and see how it goes.
2:21:00 Chip: department heads have to sign off on time-stamps for employee working hours
2:21:55 Lloyd: 5/5/17 Skip Hurt to give library presentation at Fire Station.
2:24:00 Lloyd: Richard Byrd wants to be on the Energy Committee
2:28:00 Rick Sager meet with board on 5/1/17 (Not attorney-client) — PUBLIC
discussion of scheduling
2:55:32 Chris Sawyer
2:58:40 Guy Pike
2:59:25 Joe Kowalski
3:02:12 Max Ledoux

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