Guy Pike to Lloyd Wood and Bill Marcussen: Resign!

Quoting from Oliver Cromwell’s speech to the Rump Parliament in 1653, resident Guy Pike (a member of the budget committee), told selectmen Lloyd Wood and Bill Marcussen to resign today: “You have been sat here too long for any good you may have been doing. Depart, I say; and let us be done with you. In the name of God, go!”

Earlier in the meeting Lloyd and Bill voted against reappointing Chris Sawyer to the Planning Board, after Chris asked the board to reappoint her. Selectman Chip Albee was the lone vote to appoint Chris. Bill’s stated reason for voting against Chris’s reappointment was that she had bought stamps from the post office at the general store. Chris pointed out that the planning board had a budget item for postage.

Fenton Varney and Tony Triolo, who were both present and had spoken in Chris’s favor, then resigned from the Planning Board in protest after the selectmen’s vote. Fenton averred that Lloyd and Bill’s actions amounted to the “biggest bullshit I’ve ever seen in 35 years of living in this town.” Guy then jumped out of his seat and called the two selectmen cowards. It is to that outburst that Guy refers to, and apologizes for, in the video.

More videos of the meeting to come in later posts.

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