Chip Albee Elected Selectman (Updated)

Congratulations to Chip Albee for being elected to another (non-contiguous) term as selectman!

According Town Moderator Dan Barnard, 379 votes were cast yesterday. The turn-out was considerably depressed by the blizzard. For comparison’s sake, in last year’s competitive budget committee election there were 832 ballots cast. And at last November’s federal election, Tuftonboro had 2,047 registered voters, and saw an astonishing 83% turnout with 1,705 votes.

Given the weather conditions yesterday, all the town officials, public employees, and volunteers who worked the polls yesterday (and kept the roads clear) deserve a well-earned thanks.

Update: Dan Barnard has rightfully taken me to task over the number of votes versus ballots in last year’s election. Since the budget committee election was for two positions, the 832 votes translate to 416 ballots. Dan also pointed out that in last year’s uncontested selectmen’s race Bill Marcussen received 386 votes and there were 46 write-ins, for 432 votes total. Therefore, yesterday’s 379 votes in the selectmen’s race, given the storm, are really quite remarkable! (But still very low when compared to the number of registered voters, unfortunately.)

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