Bemis Report (Steinman vs Tuftonboro)

For those following the Steinman vs Tuftonboro lawsuit, please see the attached documents.

Report 9-7-17 Bemis FINAL (002)

Addendum to 9-7-17 Report – Bemis

Attachment 1 – 1966 Plan

Attachment 2 – PB 116-2

Attachment 3 – Plan

Attachment 4 – PB 172-67

Attachment 5 – DES Waterbodies

Attachment 6 – Topo Map

Attachment 7 – Topo Map

Attachment 8 – Teale Affidavit

Attachment 9 – Plan 489-136

Attachment 10 – Water Control Plan

Attachment 11 – 1842 Layout

17020WD-20SCALE 8-29-17


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3 thoughts on “Bemis Report (Steinman vs Tuftonboro)”

  1. I’ve read it all but am not sure what it means? On the map showing the current location of the wall and the location in May is the solid line on both sides of the road town property?

  2. I think the issue is the current pond level is higher than the original footprint of the pond. Thus the land under the water by the culvert is the Steinman’s land so there is no true public access. The good news is the Steinman’s seem to only want to extend there wall across the acces point and the town seems ok.? I think ? I can carry my boat over any rocks that are placed so it shouldn’t be a big deal. Are they going to stock the pond again now that the issue seems resolved?

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