Selectmen, Budget Committee Propose 12% Increase in Taxes Raised

The selectmen and Budget Committee have proposed budgets this year that would increase the “amount of taxes to be raised” by approximately 12% on the local part of our tax bill (not including state and county taxes), compared to last year.

Last year, $2,807,129 was raised from taxes for town expenses.

This year the selectmen have proposed raising $3,187,890 in taxes, which represents an 11.94% increase.

The Budget Committee, being full of budget hawks, shaved an entire $250 off of that to propose raising a mere $3,187,640 from taxes, which would be a much more fiscally responsible 11.93% increase.

You can find these figures on page 19 of the Tuftonboro Town Report 2017.

These are the local figures only. Local, county, and state spending when combined would be $7,001,568.

Please attend Town Meeting on March 14 at 7:30pm.

Max Ledoux

Author: Max Ledoux

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  1. 😉

    For the record, for everyone else reading this: Guy voted pretty much 50/50 on the various budget items. In other words, he actually put thought into what we need and didn’t just automatically vote yes on everything, unlike Helen Hartshorn.

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