Representative Karel Crawford Votes for Income Tax

Karel Crawford — who represents Tuftonboro, Moultonborough, and Sandwich in the state legislature — voted February 8 for a 0.67% income tax on New Hampshire workers in the form of HB 628. Karel voted for HB 628 even though the majority on the Commerce and Consumer Affairs had voted the bill “inexpedient to Legislate,” which typically kills a bill when it comes to a full vote on the house floor.

As a result of Karel’s vote, the income tax bill was referred to the Finance Committee instead of being permanently tabled.

The income tax in HB 628 would create a state-run family paid-leave insurance program. It’s being sold as “optional,” because workers would be able to opt-out — But only if they download a form from a state-run web site, sign it, have it notarized, and submit it to both the state and their employer before commencing employment. Sounds totally optional.

Tuftonboro’s other two state representatives, Glenn Cordelli and Bill Marsh, both voted against the income tax on February 8. Bill had voted, along with Karel, for a previous version of the income tax bill on January 9. All three representatives are Republicans.

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