Cordelli, Chehames Win Their Primaries

Tuftonboro residents Gary Chehames (D) and Glenn Cordelli (R) won their contests in Tuesday’s primary elections for the New Hampshire House of Representatives. They are both vying to represent Carrol County District 4 (Tuftonboro, Moultonborough, and Sandwich) in Concord. Cordelli is the incumbent. In today’s primary, the Democrats and the Republicans chose two candidates to advance to the November election to compete for two seats representing the district.

The only other Democrat running alongside Chehames was Moultonborough selectman Paul Punturieri, who runs the Moultonborough Speaks blog. Since only two Democrats ran for two slots, they were both guaranteed to advance to November. However, that didn’t keep them both from campaigning. Chehames and Punterieri were both at the Tuftonboro Town House on Tuesday morning to greet voters.

Cordelli started the day in Moultonborough, where they begin voting at 7AM. Then he returned to Tuftonboro for the opening of the polls at 8AM. Cordelli was facing off against his fellow incumbent Karel Crawford, of Moultonborough, and newcomer Brent Anderson, also of Moultonborough.

With all three towns reporting, Cordelli is the top vote getter.

[edit: post corrected to make clear that Chehames and Punterieri were not competing against each other in the primary, but rather running for two open slots.]

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2 thoughts on “Cordelli, Chehames Win Their Primaries”

  1. Max-I appreciated you reporting on the recent primary election. However, I would like to ask that you correct a small error which is very misleading. Mr. Punturerie and I did not compete for the Democratic vote–we are running for two available slots which, if we win, will send both of us to the NH House of Representative. That is to say, Democratic voters could have voted in the primary for both Mr. Punturerie and me, not just one or the other. This was clearly indicated on the Democratic ballot. Thank you for your attention. Gary Chehames, Candidate for the NH house of Representatives for Tuftonboro, Moultonborough and Sandwich.

  2. Hi, Gary,

    Thank you. Of course I will correct the post to make that more clear. I shouldn’t have used the word “against,” sorry! I will change it to “alongside.”

    Also, if you would like to have an account and post directly to this site on your own, please let me know. There are a few issues that I disagree with you on politically, but I want this site to be a resource for town residents regardless of viewpoint. Since I’m doing all the posting right now, my opinions are necessarily dominating. But I would love to have more voices here.

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