New Resident in Town Considering Run for Selectman

Mr G. Nome is recently arrived in Tuftonboro and has taken up residence on Mountain Road by the Thompson-Moulton cemeteries. There he is:

A little closer:

Mr. Nome, or G. to his friends, says he likes Tuftonboro “because there’s nice moss.”
G. is considering a run for selectman next March, on a platform of more moss. “Moss is important,” he said.
“It feels good,” he added. “Boy, that’s a nice tree you got there.”


Max Ledoux

Author: Max Ledoux

I've lived in Tuftonboro since 2014. I grew up in Lisbon Falls, Maine (the Moxie capital of the world). I run

2 thoughts on “New Resident in Town Considering Run for Selectman”

  1. Yes, My wife and I just passed Mr Nome the other day. It was a sunny day and I had the thought, Gee perhaps we could get him to him run for some office. Great minds think alike!

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