Fire Department Responds Quickly to Brush Fire on Ledge Hill Road

Last Friday the property owner of the clear cut lot on Ledge Hill Road was burning brush piles while it was raining and there was a snow cover. Three days later, the snow cover is gone and it’s a clear day. However, several of the piles were still smoldering when I drove by around Noon on Monday, and there was a lot of smoke billowing up from the lot. I saw that there was no one on the property monitoring the fires so I decided to stop and take a look. It turns out that the old saying “where there’s smoke there’s fire” has some merit: one of the brush piles had open flames.

I called the fire department and spoke to Chief Adam Thompson. (By the way, if you don’t have the FD phone number saved in your phone already, here it is: 603-569-3381.) Captain Caleb Pike responded quickly and thoroughly doused the flames (see video). Caleb also let me know that Adam had contacted the property owner.

The fire was small, but given the wind and the lack of snow cover combined with the brush scattered throughout the lot, it could have gotten larger.

Max Ledoux

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