Carolyn Sundquist Mocked Route 171 Safety Concerns

Carolyn Sundquist, then the chairman of the board of selectmen, mocked my concerns about traffic safety on Route 171, an August 3, 2016, email reveals.

Selectman Bill Marcussen had suggested that the lanes on Route 171 (Maintain Road) could be narrowed. Route 171 is a state road, so the selectmen would not have had the final decision about the matter in any case. In response to Bill’s suggestion that the road be narrowed, I emailed the selectmen and asked them to convey to the state my concerns: Mountain Road is already narrow, and I’ve experienced several nearly head-on accidents there when oncoming cars crossed the yellow line on blind curves or hills.

Instead of taking my concerns seriously, Carolyn seems to have mocked them, joking in an email to the selectmen’s administrative secretary, Karen Koch, that I sounded “like a menace on the road” and that they “should see if he has a license.”

I don’t mind that Carolyn made a joke, but I know that I’m not the only one in town to have almost had an accident on Route 171.

Max Ledoux

Author: Max Ledoux

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  1. I’ve lived on Mountain Road for 30 years and have seen many accidents, one actually driving into the corner of my home. The commuters know there is no patrol up here at the corner and fly on by. 25 or so years ago we petitioned the State to remove the passing lane through our neighborhood and they did. For a while I took to rolling a basketball out in front of speeding cars, that worked until I was “warned”. A friend’s sister died on the curves headed towards Ossipee, many have been bloodied at the four corners. All of us have complained formally at one time or another to no avail. Narrow the road? Where does this guy live? Melvin, the town seat?

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