Max Ledoux Acts Like a Jerk

Speaking in his signature slow-as-molasses, nasally rasp at the Budget Committee’s public hearing on the proposed budget, Max Ledoux told Carla Lootens on Tuesday night that he didn’t think she was a “nice person.” This rude remark came after Carla attempted to steer the meeting back toward budget matters following a lengthy and pointless comment from Max about the town’s 10-wheel plow truck, which broke down recently as well as got stuck in a ditch.

“We’re here to talk about the budget. You know I love you, Max, but …” said Carla, trying to be nice.

“Well, I don’t think that’s true,” Max then said.

“I’m being nice, Max,” replied Carla, to laughter from others in the room.

“You’re not a very nice person,” said Max.

“Hmm?” Said Carla, not hearing.

“I don’t think you’re a very nice person,” said Max, which is not a very nice thing to say.

“Max,” said Carla sternly, “we’re here to talk about the budget, please.”

“OK,” muttered Max. Like a jerk.


Max Ledoux

Author: Max Ledoux

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8 thoughts on “Max Ledoux Acts Like a Jerk”

  1. Although the budget hearing was probably neither the time nor place for Max to comment on Carla’s character, I’m in total agreement with his sentiment. I’ve attended every budget committee meeting since she was elected. Her thinly disguised efforts to shame anyone who disagreed with her were disgusting and I’M being nice! We’ll have at least one new member of the budget committee this year. Hopefully two!

  2. Guy haven’t you acted in similar fashion as to what you are accusing Carla of with some of your outbursts at public meetings? “For the love of God please go….” or something along those lines jumps to my mind as a good example.

  3. Mike, Guy does not try to shame anyone like Carla has repeatedly done over the years. Yes Guy blurts out a beauty every once in awhile as most of us do but it is never personal as far as I can tell.

  4. Rick: I understand Guy works very hard to limit virtually any tax increases which is a noble cause. However, telling 3-selectman to resign because they are no longer doing any good is an example of a personal jab, in my opinion. In addition, agreeing above with Max’s public comments that Carla isn’t a nice person is also clearly a personal attack by Guy.

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