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Claude Roessiger wrote in a letter to the Granite State News on July 23rd that “the Republican congressional bloc takes its orders from Israel.” The anti-Semitic idea of an “Israel lobby” that controls elements of the United States Government is not new. It is base and should be condemned.

Further libeling Israel, Mr. Roessiger claims: “There is no agreement that Israel would have favored. Why? Because Israel sees its interest in a continuation of the stand-off and wars that have existed for three decades.” This is absurd. The reason Israel does not favor the so-called deal with Iran is that Iran has stated repeatedly that it wishes destroy Israel, or in the words of Iran’s former president, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, Iran wishes to “wipe Israel off the map.” Iran’s real leader, Ali Khamenei, reacted to the agreement with the P5+1 last week by leading chants of “Death to America” while holding an AK47 in his hand. According to the AP:

Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei said Saturday a landmark nuclear deal won’t change his country’s policy toward the “arrogant” U.S. … ” Our policy toward the arrogant U.S. government won’t change at all,” Khamenei said in an address carried live by state television. “We have no negotiations with America about various global and regional issues. We have no negotiations on bilateral issues.”

Khamenei’s speech, which he gave to a large crowd in Tehran to mark the end of the Muslim holy fasting month of Ramadan, stressed that Iran will continue to support its allies in the Middle East, including the Lebanese Hezbollah, Palestinian resistance groups and the Syrian government.

Iran calls its Lebanese ally Hezbollah a “resistance movement” while the U.S. classifies it as a terrorist group. Iran also continues to call for the destruction of Israel, which Khamenei described in his speech as a “terrorist, baby-killer government.”

Agence-France Press reports of the same speech:

Iran’s supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei said Saturday that a landmark nuclear deal with world powers “won’t change” the country’s stance toward the “arrogant” United States.

The remarks were greeted by chants of “Death to America” at a ceremony in Tehran marking the end of the Muslim fasting month of Ramadan, which was broadcast live on state television.

The New York Times:

Mr. Obama has made the agreement a benchmark of his presidency. It is opposed by Republicans and by Israel and Saudi Arabia, two of the United States’ most significant allies in the region. They have denounced it as a diplomatic mistake that will strengthen the economic and military power of a nation that threatens its neighbors, engages in and supports hostage-taking and terrorism, and is bent on acquiring nuclear weapons. …

At the same time, Mr. Khamenei made clear that a single agreement did not mean Iran’s overall relationship with the United States would change, and he promised to continue Iran’s support for allies in the region, including President Bashar al-Assad of Syria and the Lebanese-based Hezbollah movement. He praised Iran’s annual anti-Israel rally, known as Quds Day.

I think it is shameful that Mr. Roessiger blames nefarious Jews—AIPAC—for the “virtual commandeering of our foreign policy in the Middle East.” Perhaps he should pay more attention to Iran’s intentions, as stated, repeatedly, by its own leaders.

Saudi Arabia also opposes the “deal” with Iran, but for some reason Mr. Roessiger doesn’t condemn the Kingdom for trying to influence Congress. Only the Jews are singled out.

Perhaps Mr. Roessiger is taking his cues from President Obama, who has been warning for some time, most recently in his July 2015 appearance on The Daily Show, about the influence of “lobbyists” who oppose his deal with Iran.

According to a January 15, 2015, article in the New York Times, “The president said he understood the pressures that senators face from donors and others, but he urged the lawmakers to take the long view rather than make a move for short-term political gain … Mr. Menendez [D-NJ], who was seated at a table in front of the podium, stood up and said he took ‘personal offense.’ ”

Petitioning our government for grievances, i.e., lobbying, is of course a fundamental right protected by the First Amendment. In the context of the Iran deal, warning about “lobbyists” is obviously a reference to AIPAC, and “donors” is meant to refer to Jewish donors. Mr. Roessiger goes a step further than the president by explicitly stating that these donors represent “foreign” influence, thereby invoking the old anti-Semitic charge that Jewish Americans hold dual allegiances.

Mr. Roessiger cites national polls in aid of his anti-Semitic charge that the “Republican congressional bloc takes its orders from Israel,” but U.S. senators—whether Democrats, Republicans, or self-declared socialists such as Bernie Sanders—should not concern themselves foremost with national polls, but rather with the concerns of their own constituents. Furthermore, the national polls that I have looked at, which purport to show support for the Iran deal, often ask questions such as this one in a CNN poll: “Do you favor or oppose direct diplomatic negotiations between the U.S. and Iran in an attempt to prevent Iran from developing nuclear weapons?” Sixty-eight percent of respondents said yes. But what this tell us is that 68 percent of the respondents would like to prevent Iran from developing nuclear weapons. The deal that Secretary Kerry has negotiated will do nothing of the sort. At best, it will delay Iran’s acquiring of a nuclear weapon by 10 years. But that assumes that Iran will not violate the terms of the agreement. Considering that they are currently in violation of numerous international agreements, this seems unlikely.

This post appeared as a letter to the editor of the Granite State News.

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