Public’s Right to Know Under Attack in New Hampshire

I’m getting sued by the Tuftonboro board of selectmen (Carolyn Sundquist, Lloyd Wood, and Bill Marcussen) because I made a document request through New Hampshire’s Right to Know law and the selectmen don’t want to comply with the law.

So they sued me!

Now I’ve had to hire an attorney to defend myself, along with my co-defendant, Bob McWhirter, who is also being sued because he made a lawful request to inspect records.

We’re asking for small contributions to help us defray the costs imposed on us by the selectmen’s abuse of power.

Please consider donating $5 at

Max Ledoux

Author: Max Ledoux

I've lived in Tuftonboro since 2014. I grew up in Lisbon Falls, Maine (the Moxie capital of the world). I run

10 thoughts on “Public’s Right to Know Under Attack in New Hampshire”

    1. @rick I’ve asked to see the email communication between the selectmen & town staff and the reporter & editor of the local newspaper. The selectmen are claiming that those emails contain confidential information that has to be redacted. It’s strange that they say they sent confidential information to the newspaper. They claim they can charge me a fee because they’re redacting the emails. There is no provision in the law that allows them to charge a fee for redacting a record. When I refused to pay the fee ($6.50), they filed a lawsuit against me and sent a sheriff’s deputy to my house to pound on my door on a Sunday morning (the deputy was very polite but nevertheless, the selectmen in my opinion were trying to intimidate me).

  1. Once again what specifically are you looking for? I understand the issues around the fee etc… and the police pounding at your door. I am on your side on those issues. If I do not know what you are looking for how do I/we know you are not on a fishing expedition? I would like to help you however I will not be able to provide any funding unless I know what you are looking for in those emails. Good luck.

  2. Appreciate your stated support. That’s all I need. I want to look at the email correspondence between the town and the newspaper. I’m not sure how much more specific I can be. Kind regards, and Merry Christmas.

  3. Rick…..thanks for the support. I understand your curiosity, but Max and I need to be careful what we say, given the pending litigation. I believe decisions are being made by the selectmen via email or unilaterally by one selectman outside of public meetings. If you read Max’s blog, you can get a good flavor of the issues. There is also quite a bit if information on the Tuftonboro Free Speech Forum, which you can join if you are a property owner in town. Just FYI, I am the person being blamed for requesting 11,000 emails. That number has been substantiated and I have actually revised my request to narrow the scope of the request. Please do not rely on the newspaper. It is not accurate. If you have a question, please ask and I’ll try and answer it. FYI……if you are a property owner in town, if this years proposed budget is approved spending will have increased by over $1,000,000 in the last 6 years. Let me know if you need further information on that! thanks

  4. What specifically are you looking for in those emails between the town and newspaper? This should not be so difficult. Your lack of being straight forward and up front leads residents like myself to question your motive. Dude I am trying to help you here. Some in town are suspecting that since you are a newcomer you are trying to start trouble. PLEASE prove them wrong. Merry Christmas to you also.

  5. Bob, can you provide a link to the Tuftonboro Free Speech Forum? I understand you guys have to be careful what you say pending litigation so for now I will leave that alone. Thanks.

    1. Here is a link that gets you there. You have to ask to become a member and just need to own property in town. I think I or another member can recommend or invite you to be a member….but probably need to know your Facebook name. Try requesting membership and if you don’t get a response…..let me know. If you take time to go through stuff going back months, you can get a good flavor of what is going on. Rick Sager…the town attorney comes and goes on the site. His input has been interesting to say the least.

  6. Thanks Bob, no facebook for this cat so I will not need your help with membership. Since asking why the request was made earlier today I took the time to go back and read some history on this and re-read what right to know means in legal terms. So with that said sorry for asking for specifics as they are not required per the law. I wish you both all the best on this.

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