Island Trash Day

Residents of Tuftonboro’s many islands took advantage of the annual island day trash pickup this past Saturday. A 30-yard trash container was nearly full when I stopped by around 11:30AM, to say nothing of the two trucks and a trailer that were quickly filling up with scrap metal, spent propane tanks, and other items.

Max Ledoux

Author: Max Ledoux

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15 thoughts on “Island Trash Day”

  1. I do not believe this was free. As I understand it the same fees apply here as if you went to the transfer station. Please correct me if this is wrong.

  2. I just spoke,with Clay Gallagher and here it is: The taxpayers bear the burden for,Island Clean up Day. The Islanders do not pay for disposal of appliances, elecctronics, mattresses, constructio debris, etc. on That Day. At all other times they are the same as us “mainlanders”. Of course the disosal fees we pay are actually a consumer tax and I have issues with that That is also for another discussion. Island Clean up day is not exactly “free” as one cannot give to one group without taking from another. Note: I use my full name so people know exactly who is speaking.

  3. Thank you Guy, you could have just posted that info without taking a jab at me. From what I have observed that is typical for you. Note: I never post my full name on any site and until this site requires us to do so you have no reason to know who I am. That request leaves me a little concerned. Take care.

  4. I forgot to mention I think it is the right thing to do for the islanders to not charge them for these items since they pay the brunt of the total taxes for the town and draw very little on town resources.

  5. So Rick, I never asked for your full name. Read again. Then, since I verified my information, just for you, how about giving me the names of all the island property owners so that I, no burden to you, can very that they pay the brunt of the taxes in town?

  6. We all pay the same tax rate, but since the lake properties are valued higher the total amount paid by lake property owners is higher. As Carla Lootens, chairman of the budget committee, stated last year, we can raise the tax rate because most of our tax revenue comes from lakefront property owners who don’t live in town and therefore can’t vote.

  7. So I will have to use the tax kiosk and go through every one to see which are island properties. Will do. Expect results in a few weeks as I will be out of town from July 29-Aug 9. But I WILL do the work.

  8. Let me help you here Guy, just type in an island name and you will get the list of properties on those islands. You’re welcome.

  9. Good on ya, Rick! I appreciate the help, believe it or not! LOL Should be a very interesting and enlightning study.

  10. Easier than I thought! After totaling the assementsmof the island properties I decided to do the Marriott assesments as well. I stopped about half way through the Marriotts as they had easily eclipsed the Islanders at that point.

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