Budget Information (2018)

The selectmen proposed an operating budget of $3,742,305.24. The budget committee proposed $3,742,055.24. The budget committee’s proposed budget is what will be voted on at Town Meeting on March 14, at 7:30PM.

The following documents may help you assess the proposed budget:

In addition, you may find the Planning Board’s Master Survey quite useful. The survey was sent to 2,133 households, and 1,076 were returned. The results are here: Master Plan Survey.

Here are a few charts from the survey:

Candidates Night 2018

The Tuftonboro Association has announced the date for Candidates night:

The Tuftonboro Association is sponsoring “Candidates Night” on Tuesday, February 20th, at the Tuftonboro Central School beginning at 7:00 p.m. Candidates for town offices as well as candidates for the Governor Wentworth School Board have been invited to attend. There are two contested offices in Tuftonboro: Selectman and two seats on the Budget Committee. This will be an opportunity for townspeople to ask questions and hear where the candidates stand on various issues.


“Moultonborough Taliban”

Tuftonboro selectman Chip Albee, a registered Democrat, referred to the “Moultonborough Taliban” when speaking about Republicans in neighboring Moultonborough. Albee alleged that Democrats had been forbidden from campaigning at the Moultonborough transfer station while Republicans had been allowed to, because “the Moultonborough Taliban was working its way.” Such viewpoint discrimination would be clearly illegal and unconstitutional. However, it’s not quite on the same level as the Taliban throwing acid in little girls’ faces, cutting off people’s heads, and carrying out suicide attacks.

I have asked Moultonboro Speaks blogger, Paul Punturieri, himself a Democrat, if he knows if Moultonborough Democrats were prevented from campaigning at the Moultonborough transfer station while Republicans were allowed to. I am a Republican, but if this happened then it’s appalling. Describing political opponents as the Taliban is also appalling.

Asha Kenney

Paul told me that it’s been longstanding town policy in Moultonborough not to allow campaigning on town property. He also said that he remembered an incident in 2010 when Chip was running for re-election as Carroll County Commissioner, and being challenged by Republican Asha Kenney. Paul said that Kenney had gone to the Moultonborough transfer station one Saturday to campaign, which prompted numerous complaints to the Moultonborough board of selectmen from residents. The board either informed Kenny of the no-campaigning policy or reminded her of it (it’s not clear to me whether she knew before she went), and she didn’t return. Kenney defeated Chip in the election and served one term as commissioner.

Who’s Running for Town Office 2018

TOWN OF TUFTONBORO 2018 Candidates for Town Office

Selectman for a 3 year term

  • Robert “Bob” McWhirter
  • *Lloyd P. Wood

Moderator for a 2 year term

  • *Daniel F. Barnard, Jr.

Two (2) Budget Committee Members for a 3 year term

  • Barry Ennis
  • *Helen Hartshorn
  • Chris Sawyer
  • Thomas J. Young

Trustee of the Trust Funds for a 3 year term

  • David M. Braun

Cemetery Trustee for a 3 year term

  • *Susan H. Weeks

Library Trustee for a 3 year term

  • *Gordon L. Hunt

Supervisor of the Checklist for a 6 year term

  • William “Bill” Rollins