Lake Road Boat Ramp Reconstruction Project

Request for Proposal

This project will consist of reconstruction of a boat ramp and culvert along the shores of Lake Winnipesaukee in the Town of Tuftonboro, NH.

State of NH Wetlands Permit By Notification # 2017-00883

Work consists of replacement of concrete boat ramp and repair of existing culvert. All work to be reviewed and inspected.

Sealed Bids for the project on Lake Road should be in by 11:00am on May 22, 2017. Any bids received after this time will not be accepted.

The bids will be opened at the Selectmen’s meeting on that day at 4:00pm.

All bids should be mailed to:
Town of Tuftonboro
P.O. Box 98
Center Tuftonboro, NH 03816

The drawings and specifications are available at the Town Office for viewing.

Town of Tuftonboro Town Offices: 240 Middle Rd Tuftonboro, NH 03816 603-569-4539 X15

NarCan Training Offered at Tuftonboro Free Library

Carroll County Coalition for Public Health will be conducting a free Narcan training on Friday, May 5th, from 5 to 6:30PM at the Tuftonboro Free Library. Narcan, also known as Naloxzone, is an easy to use nasal spray medication that temporarily reverses the effects of an opioid overdose.

Narcan kits will be available at the event, but can also be purchased over the counter without a prescription at Rite Aid or CVS, according to numerous news reports in New Hampshire media.

For more information visit

Fatal Accident on Route 28

An Alton woman died Friday afternoon when her car crossed the center line and collided with another vehicle driven by a Tuftonboro resident. The Union Leader reports:

An initial police investigation showed [Kathy] Kenny was driving her Toyota Prius southbound when her vehicle crossed into the northbound lane, where she hit a Range Rover driven northbound by Randall Parker, 70, of Tuftonboro.

Kenny was rushed to Huggins Hospital in Wolfeboro, and was later pronounced dead, police said.

Parker was not seriously injured, police said.

According to the police, the heavy snowfall likely caused the accident.

“The roads were snow-covered at that time,” said Cpl. Tyler Glidden. “Weather conditions appear to be a contributing factor in the crash.”

Mount Washington Valley Supports Recovery

This evening Tuftonboro’s annual Town Meeting voted on article 20, “To see if the town will vote to raise and appropriate the sum of Five Hundred Dollars ($500) to support Mount Washington Valley Supports Recovery.”

I suggested that instead of spending taxpayer money, each of us in attendance should pledge to go home after Town Meeting and make a personal donation of $25. I said that that would raise more money than the article was proposing. I also promised that I would make a $25 donation myself after Town Meeting. I have just donated to the MWV Supports Recovery GoFundMe page:

Article 20 passed as amended by Bob McWhirter to increase the $500 to $2,500.

I urge everyone who believes MWV Supports Recovery is a worthy cause to make their own personal donation to the organization. They are seeking to raise $30,000 on their GoFundMe page. Donate here.

Giving other people’s money away is not charity. Giving your own money is charity.

Tuftonboro Participates in Work Session with Neighboring Towns

On Tuesday night Selectman Lloyd Wood participated in a joint work session with a number of neighboring towns: Center Harbor, Moultonborough, Sandwich, Tamworth, Meredith, and Wolfeboro. The purpose of the meeting was to explore ways that the towns might be able to share costs for services. Some suggestions for shared resources included emergency services, code enforcement, and human resources (i.e. payroll).

The meeting was exploratory in nature and the town representatives agreed to a second meeting to be held at the Tuftonboro Central Fire Station on Tuesday, April 11, at 6:30PM.

Tri-CAP’s Federal Lawsuit Against Former Auditor Over Financial Mismanagement

Tri-County Community Action Program, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization asking the town of Tuftonboro to give it $5,000 in 2017, was in federal court Friday. The organization filed a lawsuit in December, 2015, against a former auditor. Tri-CAP has a budget of more than $20,000,000 and alleges that its auditor from 2008-2011, Ron L. Beaulieu & Co., of Portland, ME, failed to alert the board of directors of Tri-CAP that the organization’s finances were in shambles, in what other auditors have characterized as “inappropriate and perhaps illegal,” according to the New Hampshire Union Leader.

In particular, Tri-County CAP officials were taking money from a flush, fuel assistance account to prop up a dental medicine benefit for low-income clients that was running way over budget.

“The defendant during his years of audits found no deficiencies, and reported no concerns to TCCAP’s Board of Directors,” the suit said.

Once the state director of charitable trusts learned of the charity’s financial problems, he named a special trustee in January 2013 and dismissed Beaulieu as the auditor and retained Mason & Rich of Concord.

The new auditors found “substantial financial difficulties,” ordered the 2012 audit be modified and said in a report that the problems were “long-standing, multi-year problems and were so dire as to question whether TCCAP could continue to provide services as a going concern.”

Due to Tri-CAP’s financial mismanagement, the New Hampshire legislature stepped in and provided the organization with a $1,000,000 bailout and a $300,000 line of credit. Tri-CAP later settled with the state for $700,000.

You can view the Tri-County Community Action Program request package that was sent to the Tuftonboro selectmen.

Those who are interested in donating their own money to Tri-County Community Action Program can do say at their web site. Those who want to donate other people’s money to Tri-CAP don’t have to take any action. The selectmen will already be redistributing the town’s tax money to Tri-CAP and other 501(c)(3) organizations that the selectmen support.

Public’s Right to Know Under Attack in New Hampshire

I’m getting sued by the Tuftonboro board of selectmen (Carolyn Sundquist, Lloyd Wood, and Bill Marcussen) because I made a document request through New Hampshire’s Right to Know law and the selectmen don’t want to comply with the law.

So they sued me!

Now I’ve had to hire an attorney to defend myself, along with my co-defendant, Bob McWhirter, who is also being sued because he made a lawful request to inspect records.

We’re asking for small contributions to help us defray the costs imposed on us by the selectmen’s abuse of power.

Please consider donating $5 at

Judge Fauver Grants Motion to Continue

Carroll County Superior Court Judge Peter Fauver granted a motion to continue Friday, which Bob McWhirter and I requested through our attorney, delaying our court date to January 27, 2017. The selectmen (Carolyn Sundquist, Lloyd Wood, and Bill Marcussen) will have to now wait to prosecute their abusive lawsuit against us.

212-2016-CV-201 Notice of Decision
212-2016-CV-201 Notice of Hearing