Town Results in 2018 Midterm Elections

Here are the official vote tallies for Tuftonboro, provided by the town clerk, Heather Cubeddu. A green check mark indicates the winner of the race, even if the candidate received fewer votes in Tuftonboro.


  • Jilletta Jarvis 11
  • ✅ Chris Sununu 898
  • Molly Kelly 527


  • Dan Belforti 13
  • Eddie Edwards 786
  • ✅ Chris Pappas 627


  • Tobin Menard 22
  • Joseph D. Kenney 813
  • ✅ Michael J. Cryans 538


  • Tania M. Butler 18
  • Jeb Bradley 926
  • Christopher T. Meier 480

STATE REP – District 4 (Two seats):

  • ✅ Glenn Cordelli 774
  • ✅ Karel A. Crawford 659
  • John A. Morrissey 528
  • Caroline Nesbitt 546

STATE REP. – District 8 (One seat):

  • ✅ William M. Marsh 849
  • Richard T. Stuart 536


  • ✅ Domenic M. Richardi 1,334


  • ✅ Michaela O’Rourke-Andruzzi 723


  • ✅ Joseph L. Costello 993


  • ✅ Lisa Scott 1,322


  • ✅ Meg Lavender 977


  • ✅ Terry McCarthy 820
  • Bert Weiss 541


  • ✅ David L. Babson, Jr. 994


  • ✅ YES 1,018
  •  NO 210


  • ✅ YES 1,029
  • NO 229

Tuftonboro’s Glenn Cordelli Reelected to State House

Glenn Cordelli has been re-elected to represent Tuftonboro, Moultonboro, and Sandwich, in the New Hampshire House of Representatives in Carroll County District 4. Karel Crawford, of Moultonboro, was also re-elected to represent Carroll 4. Bill Marsh, who represents Tuftonboro in in the at-large district of Carroll 8, was also re-elected.

Selectmen Seek to Vastly Expand Police Department

In a request for proposal to study the feasibility of building a new police facility, the selectmen seek to more than double the size of the police force and almost double the department’s vehicle fleet. The selectmen are looking to possibly increase the department from four full-time officers to six and from no part-time officers to four and from four police vehicles to seven.

Hiker Injured Near Mount Shaw

The Union Leader reports:

TUFTONBORO — Conservation officers assisted a hiker to safety after she fell on a trail in wintry conditions, the New Hampshire Fish and Game Department said Sunday.

Patricia Tarpey of Gilford, her husband and their dogs were hiking with some friends near Mount Shaw when she fell and injured her right shoulder around 1:20 p.m. Saturday, Fish and Game said in a release.

Trail conditions were a mix of snow and ice when Tarpey fell and members of the hiking party called for assistance, according to the release.

Conservation officers helped Tarpey make her way back down the slick trail for about two miles until she reached her car around 5:45 p.m., Fish and Game said.

Temperatures were in the mid-30s Saturday with snow and sleet. Fish and Game said Tarpey and the other hikers were equipped for the conditions with warm-weather and climbing gear.

Election Results March 13, 2018

Board of Selectmen

  • ✅ Lloyd Wood: 295
  • Robert “Bob” McWhirter: 248

Budget Committee

  • ✅ Thomas J. Young: 289
  • ✅ Helen Hartshorn: 278
  • Chris Sawyer: 233
  • Barry Ennis: 196


  • ✅ Daniel F. Barnard: 498

Trustee of the Trust Funds

  • ✅ Dave M. Braun: 466
  • Write-in Votes: 4

Cemetery Trustee

  • ✅ Susan H. Weeks: 412
  • Write-in Votes: 17

Library Trustee

  • ✅ Gordon Hunt: 461
  • Skip Hurt (Write-In): 28
  • Total Write-ins: 41
  • Fictitious Characters: 2
  • Undervotes: 59

Supervisor of the Checklist

  • ✅ William “Bill” Rollins: 495
  • Write-in Votes: 8
  • Undervotes: 60

 Zoning Change

  • ✅Yes: 410
  • No: 133


These numbers are accurate to the best of my knowledge.

Strong Turnout for Town Election, Despite Snow (Updated Count)

Volunteers count ballots under the direction of Moderator Dan Barnard. March 13, 2018

Update 8:07 PM: The total number of zoning ordinance ballots is 562, while the number of town officer ballots is 563. The difference is due to an absentee voter who returned only the town officer ballot.

Election volunteers begin counting ballots, March 13, 2018

Update 7:10 PM: With the polls closed, the preliminary count is 563 ballots (including 71 absentee ballots and excluding two spoiled ballots).

Election volunteers divide ballots into piles of 50. Then the ballots are checked and if any discrepancies are discovered, the pile is rechecked.

A spoiled ballot is defined in statute:

    659:22 Spoiled Ballots. – If any voter spoils a ballot, he may receive others, one at a time, not exceeding 3 in all, upon returning each spoiled one. The ballots thus returned shall be immediately marked “cancelled” by the moderator over his signature and, at the close of the polls, shall be preserved as provided in RSA 659:95.

Source. 1979, 436:1, eff. July 1, 1979.

Bob McWhirter greeting voters on election day in the snow, March 13, 2018

Tuftonboro residents have been arriving at the Town House all day to vote in the town election. Only two of the races are contested, the selectman’s seat –between incumbent Lloyd Wood and challenger Bob McWhirter — and two budget committee positions — a four-way contest between incumbent Helen Hartshorn, Barry Ennis, Chris Sawyer, and Tom Young.

At 2PM this afternoon about 450 ballots had been cast in person, according to Heather Cubeddu, the town clerk. In addition, 70 absentee ballots had been received by yesterday’s 5PM deadline. That means the turnout this year is already larger than it was last year.

Lloyd Wood (Right), during a selectmen’s meeting at the Town House, March 13, 2018

Last year 373 total votes were cast in the selectman’s race, which was held during what was called winter storm stella. Many residents in town lost electric power and some roads, such as Sodom Road, were closed due to downed trees and power lines.

Sodom Road, March 15, 2017


The library trustees met this morning at 8AM for a “work session.” I had not seen the meeting posted over the weekend so I did not go.

What did the trustees decide to do about the library article debacle, which surely was the topic of their meeting? I hope they will let us know soon. I will update this post with new information, if I get it.

If you know anything, please leave a comment.

Update from Mark Howard, in a comment below:

Max, I heard about the meeting but did not attend. According to an email I received from Christie Sarles…

The Trustees voted unanimously this morning to table the addition/renovation project for this Town Meeting.

Christie, for anyone who doesn’t know, is the librarian. Mark is the chairman of the Zoning Board of Adjustment, and involved in various other ways in town, such as the conservation commission and the Tuftonboro Association.

Update from Paul Matlock, library trustee:

Draft minutes from this morning’s library trustees meeting.