Per Employee Health Costs Revealed

Tuftonboro taxpayers spend an average of $20,156.43 per employee on health benefits, according to a spread sheet provided to me by an anonymous source.

The selectmen have been refusing to disclose this public information for over a year. The selectmen first claimed that disclosing the health costs would be a violation of the federal HIPAA law. However, the New Hampshire Municipal Association, a group generally hostile to government transparency, advised the selectmen that in fact it was not a violation of HIPAA. The selectmen nevertheless continue to obstruct the public’s right to know, not to mention to impede the budget committee’s ability to draft a budget.

The selectmen even sent the budget committee a budget for Personnel Administration that contained false information. In this PDF of the Personnel Administration budget, the column labeled “Total Comp” (i.e. Total Compensation) does not include the health costs, and is therefore inaccurate. It is not the “total compensation” for each employee. It is fraudulent.

What we spend on public employees is public information and the selectmen have no right to withhold that information from us.