Richard Sager Charges $20 for Paralegal to Watch YouTube Video

Richard Sager, attorney
Richard Sager
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Richard Sager of Sager & Smith, PLLC (previously of Sager & Haskell, PLLC), in Ossipee, NH, charged the taxpayers of Tuftonboro $20 for his paralegal, Heather Wrigley, to watch a 12 minute YouTube video posted by yours truly.

The $20 YouTube-watching charge appears on Sager & Smith’s April, 2017, invoice to the town for charges related to the Tuftonboro vs. McWhirter & Ledoux case.

The selectmen sued Bob McWhirter and me in an attempt to avoid their duty under the law to make governmental records available for inspection at no charge. As Sager admitted in court earlier this month, RSA 91-A states that “no fee shall be charged for the inspection” of governmental records.

Taxpayers have spent $12,405.59 on Sager’s legal services, specifically related to this case, from November 2016, to May 15, 2017, according to a review of Sager’s invoices, which are public documents (i.e., governmental records) and were provided to Betsy Frago and me by the selectmen after we made Right to Know requests to inspect them. Contradictorily, the town did not attempt to charge us to inspect the invoices, even though the selectmen are suing Bob and me in order to try to get the Court to rewrite the law in order to allow them to charge us a fee to inspect governmental records.

The invoice notes a $20 charge for “.20” hours (12 minutes) billed at Wrigley’s $60 per hour paralegal fee for “Save defendant’s latest video to our file” on April 24, 2017.

The “latest video” at that time was this 12-minute, 28-second video that I posted on April 3:

I suppose we should be grateful that Sager did not round up the fee from 2/10 to 3/10 of an hour and bill us an additional $10 for that 28 seconds!

The hearing in this case was on June 12, 2017, in Carroll County Superior Court with Judge Ignatius presiding and can be viewed in its entirety here:

We have not yet received a decision from the court.

Selectmen’s Meeting, June 26, 2017

Selectmen’s meeting 6-26-17
0:00:00 call to order / pledge
Max Ledoux Durgin Road paving / RTK for Sager invoices
0:03:30 FD UPDATE
Replaced engine on one of the trucks
Ambulance went out four times for mutual aide to other towns since July 2016
0:17:40 Chip asks about mutual aide agreements for boat and ambulance
0:22:45 No billing process in place for ambulance
0:25:30 PD UPDATE
0:36:50 Kevin Fournier HEB – Bridges
0:52:40 BIDS for Rescue Truck (FD)
Winner: $8,777
1:19:10 Lloyd: Cleanup of town-owned property (Dore property)
1:20:00 Selectmen bring up possibility of selling properties again
1:20:45 Old business — oil/propane prices
1:30:00 unlicensed dogs
Guy/Max ambulance mutual aide agreements
1:41:10 Joe Kowalski question about tent / dogs
1:42:50 Elisse Paquette


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Selectmen Meet with Road Agent

The selectmen (Lloyd Wood, Bill Marcussen, and Chip Albee) with with Jim Bean, the Road Agent, on Friday, June 16, 2017. They discussed the paving on Durgin and Union Wharf Roads, summer mowing of town roads, and the status of driveways on Durgin and Ledge Hill Roads.

Court Hearing for Selectmen’s Abusive Lawsuit Against Town Residents

The hearing for the lawsuit filed last year by the selectmen (at the time: Carolyn Sundquist, Bill Marcussen, and Lloyd Wood) against Bob McWhirter and me will take place tomorrow, June 12, at 1PM at Carroll County Superior Court. The selectmen have so far paid their attorney, Richard Sager, at least $11,000 in legal fees for this case alone (according to invoices Sager submitted to the town covering November, 2016, to March, 2017). A full accounting of how much taxpayer money the selectmen spent on this lawsuit will be done after the hearing.

The selectmen sued us because we requested to inspect governmental records. Under the New Hampshire constitution and RSA 91-A, everyone has the right to inspect governmental records at no cost. The selectmen, in violation of the law, attempted to charge us a fee to inspect the records. We refused. The selectmen then sued us, forcing us to retain the services of an attorney at considerable expense.

Nowhere in RSA 91-A is it contemplated that a municipal body may say individuals making requests to inspect documents.

The amount of money the selectmen wanted to charge me to inspect governmental records was $6.50.

Selectmen’s Meeting for June 5, 2017

0:00:10 pledge
Guy: Brown Road
Max: Ambulance out of town
0:3:45 APPOINTMENT David Ladd
0:35:10 Table renewal contract with PRIMEX (insurance) so board can review
0:47:40 Lake Road Boat Ramp contract awarded to Matthew Young
0:50:00 Culverts survey
0:57:00 Carroll County wants municipalities to send money twice a year
Lloyd: Meeting with attorney at 1PM on Friday. Also a non-public meeting for performance review.
1:14:05 Chip: Parks & Rec
Bill: Planning Board working on Master Plan
1:20:00 Lloyd: Conservation committee