Narcan Training at Tuftonboro Free Library

Carroll County Coalition for Public Health presented a free training in the use of NarCan at the Tuftonboro Free Library on Friday, May 5. NarCan, also known as Naloxone, is used to reverse drug overdoses.

Video thanks to Joe Kowalski.

Library Renovation Proposal Presented to Selectmen, Library Trustees, and Public

Skip Hurt followed up on his presentation to the library trustees a few weeks ago by showing his plans for a renovated library this morning to about 30 people, including the selectmen, library trustees, and several former members of the disbanded library building advisory committee.

The key points of Skip’s proposal are that his plan has a peaked roof, unlike the proposed Dearborn library; he estimates a cost savings of $1 million, compared to the proposed Dearborn library; and, he says, construction could begin as early as September and could be down in stages. His proposal, he believes, does not require a 2/3 majority vote at Town Meeting because the town would not have to borrow in order to finance the project.

The library trustees will have a meeting Thursday, May 11, at 8:30 AM at the the library to discuss whether to take any action on Skip’s proposal

Video time stamps:
0:00 Skip intro
6:00 “Continuous use of library during construction”
7:40 Cost of Skip’s plan: approximately $1.3 million
10:50 $70k for material / $70k for labor (generous est) for new roof.
12:00 HVAC
13:00 Existing bathrooms for meeting room. Two new bathrooms for new part of library.
14:30 Parking. Police building report had a 30×30 garage on the back of the building. So assuming the committee did its work, that’s a parking lot. Plus a bigger parking lot in woods behind.
19:15 $1.3 million savings compared to plan for new building across the street on Dearborn property
20:00 Questions/Discussion

Selectmen’s Meeting for May 1, 2017

6:10 APPOINTMENT: Richard Sager
35:40 REVIEW and approval of minutes
1:06:30 Highway Department several lines items over budget
1:08:20 Calendar announcements
1:09:40 Correspondence
1:16:00 RTK from Don McWhirter
1:26:10 Chris Sawyer — Fire truck
1:27:15 Guy Pike — Stonewalls in town rights of way
1:27:40 Max Ledoux
1:29:00 RETURN TO BUSINESS: redo motions from last Friday’s meeting because wrong dates were used by accident

Richard Sager Appointment with Selectmen on Auction of Tax-Deeded Properties

Richard Sager met with the selectmen on Monday, May 1, to tell them that they can still conduct an auction of tax-deeded properties even though Town Meeting voted to restrict the selectmen to selling the properties by sealed bids only. He then went own to promote his own services as auctioneer.

You may want to review the video from Town Meeting of Article 9 being amended:

(If you want, you can skip to the 15:12 mark to see Steven Snow amend the article specifically to restrict the selectmen’s authority to selling properties by sealed bid.)

The language of the amended article as passed by a show of hands (i.e. with a clear majority) was:

To see if the Town will vote pursuant to RSA 80:80 to authorize the Selectmen to convey real property acquired by the Town by Tax Collector’s Deed by advertised sealed bid.

Sager incorrectly thought the language was:

To see if the Town will vote pursuant to RSA 80:80 to authorize the Selectmen to convey real property acquired by the Town by Tax Collector’s Deed by advertised sealed bid or in such manner as determined by the Selectmen as justice may require.

This is because the first draft of the minutes was incorrect. However, Heather Cubeddu, Town Clerk, has corrected the minutes on the town website. Sager likely printed out the draft minutes back in March and then didn’t check to see if they had been updated before his meeting with the selectmen.

He told the selectmen that, according to a conversation he had with someone at the New Hampshire Municipal Association, the words “as justice may require” mean that the selectmen could still do an auction even though “public auction” was specifically removed from the article by the voters. However, as demonstrated, Town Meeting removed the the “as justice may require” language completely, rendering Sager’s argument moot.

The relevant statute, as reference in the warrant article, is 80:80-II, and reads:

If the selectmen or mayor are so authorized to convey such property by deed, either a public auction shall be held, or the property may be sold by advertised sealed bids. The selectmen or mayor shall have the power to establish a minimum amount for which the property is to be sold and the terms and conditions of the sale.

Clearly, the selectmen are “so authorized” to sell tax-deeded properties by “advertised sealed bid” only. The selectmen are not “so authorized” to conduct a “public auction.”

The selectmen had simply forgotten that the article had been amended. But I have sent them the above video from Town Meeting, and I am sure that after they review it they will follow the will of the voters and not conduct an auction.