Thank You, Clay

The letters section of a newspaper is a good place to publicly air one’s grievances. However, today I have another purpose entirely. Today I write to say thank you to Clay Gallagher. Clay is the supervisor of the Tuftonboro Transfer Station & Recycling Center, which is the most well-run transfer station that I have ever seen. It’s almost an oxymoron to say that a transfer station is clean. It is, after all, where we take our trash. But our transfer station in Tuftonboro is clean, well run, organized, and efficient. That means Clay is very good at his job. And his men are also good at their jobs. They’re also pleasant fellows, by the way.

I’m a new resident in town. I moved here last November. The first time I went to the transfer station, Clay gave me a tour. He explained that while recycling is not mandatory in Tuftonboro, there’s a big difference between the trash compactor and the recycling bins. It costs us money to ship the compacted trash to the landfill in Rochester. On the other hand, we sell the recyclable material. Clay told me that Tuftonboro has higher rates of recycling than other towns where recycling is enforced by ordinance.

Last Sunday when I made my weekly run to the transfer station, I was chatting with Clay and he mentioned that the station, while it is not entirely self-sufficient, brings in about $50,000 more per year than it did when he took over several years ago. That’s $50,000 that we as taxpayers don’t have to spend. Or rather, that we can spend on something else. Like repaving the roads. Or we could even reinvest it back into the transfer station. Either way, Clay’s doing a great job, both for the transfer station and the town in general.

Thank you, Clay.

This appeared as a letter to the editor of the Granite State News.