Tuftonboro Vs. Bob McWhirter and Max Ledoux

Video thanks to Joe Kowalski.

Published in Board of Selectmen
Max Ledoux

Author: Max Ledoux

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6 thoughts on “Tuftonboro Vs. Bob McWhirter and Max Ledoux”

  1. I watched some of this and am confused, what is the bottom line? Perhaps a brief summary would help. Thanks.

  2. Hi, Rick,

    Basically the law does not allow the selectmen to charge a fee to anyone for inspecting a record. But the selectmen want to charge fees. So they sued Bob McWhirter and me. They want the judge to rewrite the law to allow them to charge a fee for inspecting a record even though the law states, “No fee shall be charged for the inspection or delivery, without copying, of a governmental record…” The judge of course cannot rewrite (and will not) the law. The selectmen have spent around $15,000 on this lawsuit so far.

  3. Well I guess this is a big secret, I do not understand why. Good luck going forward Max and Bob.

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